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Sato Takeru Staff Report


Photo bookDVD released!!


(Photo 1)


Today, Sato Takeru photo book ‘ALTERNATIVE’ and ‘Taketere DVD vol.1’ have been released!

The photo book, the first one in three years, is full of must-see photos taken during the trip to South Africa, behind the scenes of ‘Rurouni Kenshin’, following him over a year!


It has rare Takeru, while he was practicing action, post-recording, and so on.


And you can read a precious dialogue and newly taken photos with Taka from ONE OK ROCK, an essay written by the writer Asai Ryo-san, and his long-hours interview.


This photo book will allow you to know Sato Takeru at the age of 25 to the full extent.


To celebrate the release of this photo book, precious special photos that they couldn’t find space for are being displayed at Tower Record all over Japan from today on.


For details, visit the website below!


(Photo 2)


And the first DVD of Taketere has been released! We re-edited the program so far and added a lot of never-before-seen videos! We put energy in producing the package. It is full of playful spirit perfectly fit for Taketere, so please take it in your hand to enjoy it. Please visit this website, too!


Asmart URL


That’s all for today’s staff report!

Arigatou, Yoshimi-san!! I will save some money to but both Taketere DVD and Alternative photo book. Wow, so Takeru got to take a few days vacation and had fun in South Africa! I’m so happy for him! I hope he will have more trips all over the world.

Ahhh I must go to tower records!!!



Sato Takeru photobook “ALTERNATIVE”

The first photo with TAKA OOR,
The Third photo with Kamiki

photos credit to Sasha “Holdman” :3

Kyaaa!!! Kamiki bb!!! Quite sad coz he’s not included in the cast that will come here in the Philippines. Maybe next time…. in Bakuman!! :) I wish to see Kamiking’s photograph of Takeru!


[7/31] Team RuroKen on VS嵐 


[7/31] Team RuroKen on VS嵐 

Taketere vol.30



Taketere vol.30 will be aired at 21:00~22:00, July 31th (Jpn TM).

*not live broadcast but recorded one

I’ll post the detail afterwards.

Yayyy!!! I miss Taketere, I’m glad they will broadcast this month. Something to set more and more excitement as I wait to meet him in person!!! <3

Ah I hope I can have internet by then!!!

Rurouni Kenshin 2014 Countdown: 8 days to go! ^^x


Takeru photobook “ALTERNATIVE”

credit: Sato Takeru


interview: Kamiki Ryunosuke, Sato Takeru and Dir Otomo :D

Bakuman twitter update: July 28, 2014Kawaii Takeru on the set of Bakuman live-action film.Source: x
Bakuman twitter update: July 28, 2014
Kawaii Takeru on the set of Bakuman live-action film.

Source: x

Takeru &amp; Taka ☆ | credit


Takeru & Taka ☆ | credit